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End of Season recap


I usually will post some sort of race report within the week of the race. I mean, it’s interesting (to me) to read reports right after the fact, but months later, eh… So the bottom line is, I wasn’t good enough and didn’t do everything right to be on the podium at Chattanooga, or even a solid top 10 (or even a finish). I stayed close to the front of the large main group all day, got off the bike in 4th, and with those factors, there’s no excuse for not having a strong run.

I know what I need to do to be healthy, strong, fit, and ready to race. It’s very dissapointing to me that I wasn’t perfect with that, because it’s so important. If you have a pro card, travel to races, spend money, time away from the family, etc…you should be ready to give a strong performance. And that’s basically why I’m not racing IM Arizona. I’m just not ready for a strong performance. I have to recognize that, and stay focused on my goals.

So anyway, I was a little bummed after the race. I even didn’t really want to go to Kona (a trip we had planned for a long time), just wanted to get away and not be near triathlon. But we did go, and I’m definitely glad I was there. It’s a beautiful place, and the race is definitely a great experience. Everyone was so fit, so ready, it’s a pretty cool thing to witness. I mean, those guys (Kienle, Hoffman, Van Lierde, Potts…) are just leaned out, ready to go. I think there were some distractions for me at times this season, maybe focused on the wrong things. Seeing those guys, knowing they were 100% focused and ready to accomplish their goals, it was an awesome thing to see.

I felt like crap this week, deciding not to race, then sort of figuring out how to go forward. Sometimes you think, “what’s the point?” But the point is that I still enjoy working towards improving at this sport, and there’s some value, I think, in finishing what you started. I know some weaknesses I have. I know some things I have to do to get better and take that next step. I think I’ve been pretty consistent at getting in the mix. Now I have to be able to finish the deal.

I’m very lucky to have the support of some great companies that believe in me. And I look forward to working with those core companies that support me year-in and year-out. I hope I can do my part to make it work. I’m also thankful to be part of Cliff English’s pro squad. There’s been some incredible performances this year, very motivating.

On to the 2015 season.

Thanks for reading.

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